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Butakovsky mountains pass

Attractions of Ile-Alatau Park

Mountain hike to Butakovsky pass from Komissar gorge

Butakovsky Pass, a mountain pass with an altitude of 2870 meters above sea level, is a landmark of the Ile-Alatau Park, a mountain trail leads to the pass, along which you can climb to the pass and walk in its vicinity and make other transitions to other control points along the route. The route to the pass passes through a gorge called the Butakovsky Gorge, along the path along the river we will pass the famous Butakovsky waterfalls on the Butakovka River.

Butakovsky passhow to get there

The Butakovsky pass is located in the upper reaches of the Butakovsky Gorge in the Ile-Alatau Park in the Alamata Mountains, the Small Almaty Mountain Gorge. GPS coordinates of Butakovsky pass: 43.190°N 76.999°E

Butakovsky passinformation for tourists

Butakovsky pass, famous for its easy accessibility, is very popular among lovers of mountain hiking and outdoor activities. It is possible to take a mountain walk to the pass, take a walk in the mountains in the vicinity of the city of Almaty, without leaving far from the city. Hiking to the pass is best done in the summer, July, August, September in the spring it is avalanche-prone here, it is not recommended to visit the mountains at this time. It is also very beautiful in the mountains of Almaty in autumn, when the mountainous terrain is filled with autumn colors. It is necessary to travel to the Butakovsky pass in a group of at least 2 people, to have the necessary equipment and things with you, mountain boots, change of clothes, sunglasses, headgear, walking sticks, cell phone, additional charger for the phone, matches, zhigalka, flashlight, compass.

Butakovsky Pass


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