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Ecological tourism in Kazakhstan

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The development of ecological and natural tourism in the country is one of the most important tasks for Kazakhstan. Protecting the biodiversity of our country together with national parks and government agencies. Kazakhstan currently presents opportunities for improving the sphere of ecological tourism, improving infrastructure in national parks, increasing the economic potential of regions through natural tourism and maximum conservation of natural diversity. For the development of ecotourism in Kazakhstan, it is necessary to involve line ministries, heads of all national parks and nature reserves of the country, international foundations, tourism business, universities, research institutes, environmental and public organizations, public figures.

The purpose of ecotourism in Kazakhstan

The improvement of infrastructure will contribute to a greater reception of tourists. For example, if the road is repaired, the territory will be convenient for the movement of tourists, it will be possible to take an additional 2000 people, if a tourist trail is created, another 1000 people will be added. However, we should not forget about the environmental side of this. Do not exceed the recreational load limit. Only with such a concept we will be able to preserve nature and develop modern tourism, it is also necessary to develop environmental education for the youth of Kazakhstan.

If you drive 20 kilometers through the forest, you can find more garbage than in special landfills. Therefore, citizens must correctly understand the essence of ecopolitics, ecology. Protecting nature, you can not only create finances, but also earn. The rationality of the idea of ecotourism is there. In this area, local residents can create jobs and develop businesses. It is necessary not only to limit ourselves to this, but also to explain often what nature protection is when visiting educational institutions.

It is necessary to improve legislation in the field of ecology, tourism with the involvement of public representatives and industry experts. It is necessary to develop a unified control and rules for all organizations in the field of ecotourism, for visitors to nature reserves and national parks. In all national parks, we put the environmental business process at the forefront, thereby completely reforming the activities of national parks. Already now our association has already united representatives of the state and business spheres, environmental organizations, tourism entrepreneurship, public organizations, opinion leaders, heads of international organizations. I am sure that by joining forces, we will come to a common position.

If both national parks and eco-tourism organizations perform their tasks correctly, we will be able to pass on the richness of our nature to the next generations. Now we are using resources belonging to the future. We must use our resources rationally and absorb this idea into the consciousness of every citizen with the help of good programs.

It should be noted that nature tourism is one of the dynamic trends of our time. In the global market, the demand for ecotourism routes has been growing rapidly for several years. According to world statistics, ecotourism accounts for 10-15% of annual growth, during the pandemic its share in world tourism increased to 30%. Central Asia has great potential in the development of ecotourism with an abundance of natural objects untouched by man and preserved without violating the original position. In Kazakhstan alone, the total area of specially protected natural territories is 26 million hectares, which is ten times more than in a number of countries with well-developed ecotourism.

Ecological tourism in Kazakhstan and Central Asia


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