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Tour in the mountains of Almaty region

Jeep tours in the mountains of Kazakhstan

Journeys through the mountains of Almaty region in jeeps

The tour starts in the city of Almaty and then we will visit places such as the Shalkudysu valley, this is the first checkpoint on our way. Next we will visit Lake Tuzkol, the famous beautiful alpine lake in the Almaty region. After Lake Tuzkol we will go to the Buzunbay gorge and the Zhabyrtau mountains. Further, our route will look like this: Tekes village, Ulken-Kakpak valley, Buzunbai gorge, Tekes river, Tekes valley, Kuluk-Tau mountains, Kainatpatuz salt deposit, Kegen village, Zhenishke river, Zhenishke valley, Kegen river, Bestyubinskoe reservoir, Taban-Karagay valley, Assy plateau, Kyzylauz pass, Asy-Turgen observatory.

Route according to the program: Almaty – Shalkadysu valley – Tuzkol lake – Buzunbay gorge – Tekes river – Tekes valley – Kuluk-Tau mountains – Zhenishke river – Zhenishke valley – Taban-Karagai valley (tract) – Asy plateau, Asy-Turgen observatory – Almaty

A more detailed scheme of the route according to the program is presented below in the day-by-day schedule, there are all control points, distances and altitudes prevailing on the route. This tour consists of 9 days and passes through the Almaty region, we move along the route in 4x4 jeeps, since the main part of our trip will take place in the mountains.

  • Distance of the route: 1041 km
  • Season time: Summer time
  • Best time: June, August
  • Group size: 1-25
  • Days & nights: 9 nights. 8 nights

Tour itinerary:


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