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Zhinishke River

Trout fishing on the Zhenishka River -

Jeep tour to the Zhinishke river in Almaty region -

Zhinishke is a mountain river, located in a remote, little-visited mountainous area of the Almaty region, there are incredibly beautiful mountain places and beautiful nature. The river flows through the Zhinishke Gorge, along the Zhinishke mountain plateau and originates in the Kungei Alatau Mountains. To get to this area, you will need 4x4 high-terrain jeeps, the roads in the area are mountainous, rocky, there is no asphalt on them. The river originates at an altitude of 3500 meters above sea level.

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The Zhenishke River is located in Almaty region, Sarytau mountain range, Kungei Alatau mountains, Kegensky district.
GPS coordinates: N43°09'00" E78°12'49"

Information -

The Zhinishke River belongs to the Ili River basin, many small rivers flow into the river, which form the main channel, the main tributaries are the Zhinishkebulak River, Sarlysai River, Mayynsai River, Karbulak River, Shymkent River, Koksai River, etc. The length of the Zhinishke River is 63 kilometers, most of the river is located in a narrow channel, just before the village of Zhinishke the river flows for a short time over relatively flat terrain. The source of the river is located at an altitude of 3550 meters above sea level. The mouth of the Zhinishke is located at an altitude of 1198 meters above sea level, the river is a left tributary of the Shilik River (Chilik). The height difference on the river from the source to the mouth is 2353 meters. The river water is used for irrigation. Trout and osman are found in the river, the river is very popular among anglers.

Zhinishke River in the Kungei Alatau mountains, Kegensky district


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