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Uali Necropolis

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Uali is a necropolis, dated XI-XX centuries, an ancient sacred place, a place of worship, a place of pilgrimage, an architectural monument on Mangyshlak. The necropolis is a complex of monuments, mausoleums, ancient graves on an area of 2.5 hectares. The necropolis is represented by two small domed mausoleums, 3 saganats. The monument is under state protection, in 1982 the necropolis of Uali was included in the list of historical and cultural monuments of Kazakhstan.

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The Uali necropolis is located in Mangistau region, Mangistau district, Kazakhstan, 63 kilometers to the right of the road, before reaching the Sai-Utes railway station, and 5 km northwest of junction No. 6.

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The Uali necropolis is one of the characteristic burials in terms of the composition of monuments of cult and memorial folk architecture with a wide range of chronologies from the early Middle Ages (IX century.) to the beginning of the twentieth century. More ancient monuments here occupy the southwestern part of the necropolis and are represented by koytas and fences made of natural limestone of round, square, rectangular oval shape. On the south side of the necropolis there is a small one-chamber underground mosque and open fenced areas, the layout of which suggests that they served for the performance of a religious burial ritual and were a place of pilgrimage.

Necropolis of Uali, Mangystau region, Kazakhstan



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