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Burabay nature park and reserve, the Pearl of Kazakhstan, Borovoe.

Photo tour to Burabay nature park and reserve.

The state national natural park "Burabay" (Borovoye) is an incredibly beautiful attractive region with magnificent forests and curative lakes, with rich needles of air and rare landscapes of beauty and originality that make this corner of Kazakhstan a true pearl.

Information Burabay nature park.

The beauty of Burabaya is not only a pine forest, but also picturesque mountains and lakes. There are 14 lakes in the park, among which the most famous are Borovoye, Bolshoe and Maloye Chebachye, Katarkol, Maybalyk. The highest point of the area is Kokshetau mountain. To the south is Burabay Mountain (690 meters) - a great panoramic point. Further south, the Shchuchin hills are located, the largest of which is called Zheke-Batyr (826 meters).

Borovoe lake in Burabay nature park.

The real decoration and business cards of Borovoye Lake are Okzhetpes mountain and the stone island Zhumbaktas. Probably, every vacationer has a photo on the background of the legendary mountain. It rises to a height of about 300 meters and fascinates all the tourists. With the mountain Okzhetpes associated amazingly large number of legends. According to one of them, Abylai Khan, having made a raid on Kalmyks, returned from the battle, and his troops began to divide the conquered, among the trophies a 17-year-old Kalmyk girl was discovered indescribable beauty. Each of the warriors wanted to marry her. Khan allowed the beauty to choose the groom herself. But her beloved person remained in her homeland, so the beauty did not want to marry any of them. At the top of the rock, she fastened a handkerchief and said: "Whose arrow will fall into it, for that I will marry." But no one ever got: not one arrow simply could not reach the height at which the beauty stood. Since then, the rock, where, according to this legend, the nameless Kalmyk beauty stood with a handkerchief, is called Okzhetpes. Zhumbaktas - "Stone-riddle", or "Sphinx", also known as the "Old Woman". And if you look at the rock-island Zhumbaktas from different sides, then on the one hand you can see the profile of an old woman, on the other - beauties with flowing hair.
The most visited touristy peaks and mountains are the Bulektau, the Sinyukha mountain and the majestic Okzhetpes rock, which offer stunning views of the Borovoye and Big Chebache Lakes.

Tourism in Burabay nature park.

Burabay is considered the main resort area of Kazakhstan. A large number of institutions of stationary rest are concentrated here. You can find a lot of tourist bases and holiday homes, boarding houses with all the attributes of the resort: sanatoriums and health centers. In addition, the resort is full of entertainment establishments: restaurants, cafes and clubs, as well as opportunities for outdoor activities.
Every year the resort is visited by hundreds of tourists from different parts of Kazakhstan and neighboring countries. The Borovoye sanatoriums treat diseases of the respiratory tract, the gastrointestinal tract, the cardiovascular system and the musculoskeletal system. Borovoye is famous for healing mud, mineral water and clean air, saturated with the aromas of steppe grasses and coniferous forests.
Rest in Borovoe is designed for different requests and finances of the guests. You can relax in different ways: and "on a big foot", and inexpensive. For example, in some sanatoriums and hotels of the resort, rest can cost you more than Turkey. However, there is always an alternative - recreation centers and guest houses. There are a lot of them here.

How to get ro Burabay nature park.

The distance to Borovoy from Astana is 250 kilometers. The most common way to get from Astana to Borovoye is by train. Travel time is 3 hours and 42 minutes. You can also get on buses passing through Schuchinsk (20 kilometers from Borovoy). The fare on the bus from Astana to Borovoy is about 1,500 tenge. You can also get to Borovoy from Astana by taxi, the fare is an average of 2,000 tenge per person.
From Almaty to the resort Borovoe can also be reached by train. Trains go to Kokshetau via Borovoe, travel time is 15 hours 14 minutes. But you can get faster, for example by plane. The route - Almaty - Kokshetau, travel time one hour 50 minutes. The cost of a ticket on the route Almaty - Kokshetau starts from 23,000 tenge. And already from Kokshetau you can get to Borovoye by bus or by taxi (distance of 35 kilometers).