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Buddhist temple Kayalyk settlement (Koylyk)

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The Buddhist temple is part of the ancient city-settlement of Koylyk (Kayalyk), located at an altitude of 623 meters above sea level. During the excavations carried out at the settlement, it was established that there was a temple here in ancient times, further research showed that it was a Buddhist temple, as appropriate attributes were discovered. The temple measured 16x18 meters, built of mud brick. The Buddhist temple had an internal entrance, a central ritual room and a corridor.

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The Buddhist temple is part of the settlement of Koylyk (Kayalyk), the village of Koyalyk, Sarkand district, Zhetusu region, Republic of Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates: 45°40'07"N E80°15'10"E

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Buddhist temple in the medieval town of Koylyk (Koyalyk) It was built of yellow baked bricks, the size of the bricks was 26.5 × 26.5 × 5 cm. The height of the temple walls was over 4 meters, the entrance to the temple was decorated with two low columns mounted on stone slabs, as well as a tree was used to build the temple, the remains of which were also discovered during excavations of a Buddhist temple. During the excavations, pieces of ceramics, fragments of hums and jugs, fragments of watering bowls typical of the XII - XIII centuries were discovered and collected. Iron products, nails, locking locks for doors, daggers, arrowheads were also found.

Buddhist temple at Kayalyk settlement (Koylyk) in Zhetysu region


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