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Charyn Canyon, Valley of Castles in Almaty province, Kazakhstan.

Excursion to Charyn canyon.

One of the most beautiful places in Kazakhstan - the Charyn canyon - located on the spurs of the Tien Shan, two hundred kilometers from Almaty
The Charyn Canyon (Sharyn - in Kazakh) is located on the territory of the Charyn National Park and is composed of sedimentary rocks, which are about 12 million years old.

Information about Charyn canyon.

Nature has created in the desert plain a unique landscape that attracts not only domestic, but also foreign tourists. The length of the canyon is 154 km along the Charyn River, and the height of steep mountains reaches 150-300 meters. In the Charyn canyon is the famous Ash grove, where rare Sogdian ash grows. On the territory of the canyon there is a tourist complex with gazebos, bungalows.

How to get to the Charyn canyon from Almaty.

The distance from Almaty to the canyon is about 236 kilometers.

By car to Charyn canyon.

From Almaty to the Charyn Canyon can be reached either by car, or rent a car or hire a car with a driver. Time on the road takes a little more than three hours.
The road to the Charyn canyon runs through the Kuldja highway, which you should drive 110 km to the Shelek fork (Chilik). Next you need to turn right. After 165 kilometers there will be another fork in the road, where you need to turn right again. 23 km after the village of Kokpek turn left. On the road there is a sign "Charyn canyon".
In order to go down the gorge, you need to transfer to SUVs. A car for this descent is not suitable. Travelers are advised to overcome the road down on foot, since the process of descent and ascent will be quite problematic for a car.

By bus to Charyn canyon.

In order to get to the Charyn canyon by bus, you need to go to Sayakhat bus station in Almaty (preferably in the early morning). There you should buy bus tickets in the direction of Narynkol or Kegen. Then you need to ask the driver to stop at the turn to the Charyn Canyon. Further the way to the canyon runs through the steppe, on which it will be necessary to walk 10 km.

When to go to Charyn canyon.

Tourists are advised to go to the Charyn Canyon in the spring (late March and early May) and in the fall (late August - early November).
In summer, hot weather can prevent you from enjoying the beauties of the region. In June-July, the thermometer rises to 36 degrees Celsius. In winter, the flow of tourists is noticeably reduced. At this time of year on Charyn the average air temperature is six degrees below zero.

What to take with you in Charyn canyon.

Before visiting the Charyn Canyon, you must buy water and food. Despite the fact that there is a cafe on the territory of the gorge, places may not work every day.
The following items from the list are also recommended to take with you:
Hat or cap

Legends of Charyn canyon.

Charyn canyon is covered with mystical legends, legends and secrets. The people stony sculptures dubbed the "Dragon Gulch", "Witch's Grid" and "Stone Sack." In ancient times, people believed that spirits live here, which should not be disturbed.
According to legends, in the gorge "The stow of witches" witches arrange a sabbath, drive tourists to the pillars and throw them into the abyss. Interestingly, it is the hardest way for travelers to get to this gorge, since the road narrows here and it seems that the walls are painted black. Moreover, the wind in the gorge publishes a strange and unusual hum.
For many years, the Stone Bag and the Devil's Canyon have inspired fear even in the most ardent skeptics. It is rumored that the one who looks into these two gorges will never return from there. Travelers say they sometimes notice human-like bones in these places.