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Palace of Peace and Reconciliation - The Pyramid of Peace and Accord in Nur-Siltan city

Palace of Peace and Reconciliation - The Pyramid of Peace and Accord

Inside the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation housed the Opera Hall and several conference rooms. There are presentation rooms, an exhibition of Kazakh costumes and the Tomiris bar. In addition to seminars and meetings, marriages are held in the building.
The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation is popular with the people of Kazakhstan. In 2008, the country issued a commemorative coin in honor of the 10th anniversary of Astana. On it, among other architectural monuments of the Kazakh capital, the image of the famous pyramid is placed. The Palace of Peace and Reconciliationis also decorated with stamps, posters and tourist booklets dedicated to the sights of the country.

How the Palace of Peace and Reconciliationwas was built

The idea to build an unusual building in Astana appeared in September 2003, when the first congress of world and traditional religions was held here. The project of the pyramid Palace of Peace and Accord, unique in Central Asia, was developed by Baron Norman Foster. The British architect is popular in many countries of the world and is the winner of the Imperial and Pulitzer Prizes. In addition to the pyramid palace, Foster built the Astana-Baiterek monument, the building of the Library of the First President and the Khan-Shatyr shopping and entertainment center in the capital of Kazakhstan.
Pyramid was built by Turkish construction company Sembol Inshaat. The ceremonial opening of the building took place on September 1, 2006 with the participation of world famous singer Montserrat Caballe. The second meeting of world religious leaders was held in the Palace of Peace and Harmony.


The pride of the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation is the large Opera Hall, capable of seating 1302 spectators. The room is equipped with modern music and lighting equipment and meets all international standards. The stage of the Opera Hall is a complex structure: it consists of the main stage, two side scenes and the back stage.
Up to 70 musicians can play in the orchestra pit. For the convenience of actors and performers at the Opera Hall created 19 dressing rooms, which are located on three floors. In addition to concerts and theatrical performances, the hall is used for seminars and conferences.
On the main staircase you can climb into the largest atrium hall "Atrium". It is decorated with white marble and can accommodate up to 500 people. The top of the Palace of Peace and Accord is occupied by the Hall "Cradle". From the dome there is an excellent view of the streets and buildings of Astana, as well as the Presidential Park, which leads to the residence of the President of Kazakhstan. The upper hall is used for seminars and meetings, it accommodates up to 100 people and is equipped with a modern system of simultaneous translation.

The decoration of the Palace of Peace and Accord was a huge stained glass window, made by artist Brian Clark. It depicts 130 pigeons, which became symbols of 130 nationalities that live in Kazakhstan.
On the sixth floor of the building are located the premises belonging to the center of modern art "Kulanshi". Here, on an area of 1000 m², they organize interchangeable exhibitions of works by Kazakh artists and masters of the brush from other countries. The permanent exhibition includes original lithographs of Salvador Dali, Marc Chagall and Pablo Picasso, as well as the graphics of Dürer and Rembrandt. The center is open on weekdays from 10.00 to 18.00, on Saturdays from 11.00 to 15.00.
On the first floor of the Palace of Peace and Accord is the art salon "Aru-ART", which sells souvenirs, craft crafts and works of decorative and applied art. These are products made of fur, felt, wood, metal and designer jewelry.


You can inspect the premises of the Palace of Peace and Accord during excursions that are held in three languages: English, Kazakh and Russian. They are held daily from 10.00 to 18.00. Tickets for adults - 600 KZT, for children - 400 KZT.
How to get there
The Palace of Peace and Accord is located at 57, Tauelsizdik Avenue, in the center of Astana. You can reach it by city buses number 4, 14, 19, 21, 29 and 40.