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Kyzylorda city in Kyzylorda region Kazakhstan

Kyzylorda city

Kyzylorda (until June 17, 1997 Kzyl-Orda, Kyzyl-Orda, the old names are Perovsk, Ak-Mechet) is a city in Kazakhstan, the administrative center of the Kyzylorda region.
The population is 270 thousand inhabitants (2015), with 380 thousand inhabitants living in adjacent towns and villages (2015)
The city was founded in 1820 under the name Ak-Mosque - as a fortress of the Kokand Khanate. Located on both sides of the Syr Darya, 830 km southwest of the capital of Kazakhstan, the city of Nur Sultan, formerly Astana. Railway station, airport. The city administrations are subordinate to the villages of Tasboget, Belkol and Kyzylzharma.
In 1925-1929 - the capital of the Kazak Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic as part of the RSFSR.


Kyzylorda - the modern name of the city in Russian.
From the time of the foundation by the Kokandans in 1820 and until the capture of Russian troops, led by General Perovsky in 1852, the fort was called Ak-Mechet (Aеш-Meshіt). The city officially bore the same name from 1922 to 1925.
Fort Perovsky since 1862, with the acquisition of the status of the city was called Perovsk by the name of General Perovsky.
Since 1925, the city was officially called Kzyl-Orda (which means the Red Capital. The renaming is associated with the transfer of the capital of the Kazakh Autonomous Republic as part of the RSFSR from Orenburg).
The letter "s" was added to the name of the city, to approximate the modern spelling of the Kazakh word "kyzyl" - "red". Thus, the city was called as Kyzyl-Orda. This name still appears in the names of state structures, for example, it is used on the website of the city prosecutor’s office.
Since 1997, the city bears the name of Kyzylorda.


Since 1867, the county town of Perovsk, Syrdarya region, the county center. Elementary schools were opened, a brick factory, windmills, workshops, shops began to work.
After the commissioning of the Orenburg-Tashkent railway in 1905, a station building and a depot were built in the city.
On October 30, 1917, the power of the Soviets was established in Perovsk.
In 1925, the capital of the Kazak Autonomous Republic was transferred here as part of the RSFSR, later the city was renamed Kzyl-Orda, from Kzyl-Orda in 1929 the capital was moved to Alma-Ata.
In the 1930-1940s, the population of the region and the city increased significantly due to immigrants from other parts of the USSR: political exiles, deported Poles from Western Ukraine and Belarus, Germans, Koreans from Primorye, the peoples of the Crimea and the North Caucasus, evacuants from regions captured by Germany .

In the 1960-70s, along with the pulp and paperboard, mechanical, rice mills and shoe factory, such residential areas as the villages of Gagarina and Titova arose. In the same years, the Glavrissovkhozstroy trust was created. In the 1980-90s, beautiful buildings and residential buildings appeared on the current Abay Avenue, streets of A. Tokmagambetov, Zheltoksan. The Akmechet microdistricts, Merey built in those years, the administrative building of the Yuzhkazneftegaz company, a diagnostic center, and a new large hospital complex adorned the city even more.
On June 17, 1997, by decree of the President of Kazakhstan, the transcription of the name of the city was changed from Kzyl-Orda to Kyzylorda, and the name of the region was changed from Kzyl-Orda to Kyzylorda.
In the second half of the 1990s, city communications, roads, and a number of residential buildings were repaired; new squares are broken.


The population of the city at the end of the XIX century
According to the 1897 census, there were 5058 inhabitants in the city of Perovsk (3122 men and 1936 women).
Since the late 1980s, the non-Kazakh population of the city emigrated to their historical homeland to Russia, Germany, Greece, Israel, Ukraine, as well as the influx of the Kazakh population from rural areas of the region and small towns of the Aral Sea region.
The population of the city is currently
According to January 2015. The total population is 268 908 people, of which the vast majority are Kazakhs - 248 283 (92.33%). The rest are 9980 (3.71%), Koreans - 6151 (2.29%), Tatars - 1260 (0.47%), Chechens - 403, Ukrainians - 218, Turks - 196, Greeks - 105, others - 2000 .
At the beginning of 2019, the population of the city was 239,070 people, 303,204 people in the territory of the city akimat.
National composition (at the beginning of 2019).

• Kazakhs - 283,393 people. (93.47%)
• Russians - 9544 people. (3.15%)
• Koreans - 5888 people. (1.94%)
• Tatars - 1224 people. (0.40%)
• Uzbeks - 1106 people. (0.36%)
• Chechens - 388 people. (0.13%)
• Turks - 207 people. (0.07%)
• Ukrainians - 177 people. (0.06%)
• Kyrgyz - 148 people. (0.05%)
• Bashkirs - 119 people. (0.04%)
• Azerbaijanis - 112 people. (0.04%)
• Uyghurs - 110 people. (0.04%)
• Greeks - 91 people (0.03%)
• others - 697 (0.23%)
• total - 303 204 inhabitants.


The most important industrial enterprises: pulp and cardboard plant (closed), building materials, house-building plants, shoe, sewing and knitting factories (closed); food industry.
Since the mid-1980s, oil and gas production has been actively developing in the region: JSC PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources (formerly Hurricane Kumkol Munai), Turgai Petroleum, LLP JV KazGermunai, LLP KuatAmlonMunai, NC KOR , JSC SNPS-Ay Dan Munay, BIS LLP and others. In October 2010, the construction of the Kyzylorda-Kumkol highway (Karaganda region) was completed, which has been ongoing (intermittently) since 1989.
• Kyzylorda Regional Music and Drama Theater named after N. Bekezhanova.
• Museum of Local History.
• City House of Culture named after Askar Tokmagambetov
• In the city of Kyzylorda, a bicycle marathon is held in honor of Anuar Abutalipov


• University "Bolashak"
• Technical and Humanitarian Institute "Akmeshit"
• Agricultural College
• College named "Abylay Khan"
• Medical College
• College of Education
• Kyzylorda College of Music named after Kazangap Tіlepbergenuly
• Kazakh Humanitarian Law and Technical College
• College "Zhas Urken"
• Medical College "Bolashak"
• Medical College "Orkeniyet"
• College "Kyzmet"

City sights

• Aitbay Mosque, 1878
• Holy Kazan Church of the Icon of the Mother of God, 1896
• The building of the railway station built in 1905
• Kyzylorda waterworks (dam) 1956
• Monument to Korkyt-Ata
• Mosque "Akmeshit"
• Monument to Zhalantos Bahadir - Emir of Samarkand
• Monument to Koblandy batyr
• Monument to Bukharbai batyr
• Monument to Batyrkhan Shukenov