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Kyzylorda Region in Kazakhstan

Kyzylorda Region

Kyzylorda region is a region within Kazakhstan. It was founded on January 15, 1938. Located in the southern part of the republic. The administrative center is the city of Kyzylorda.
The region was formed in 1938 from part of the modern Turkestan region. June 17, 1997 by Decree of the President of Kazakhstan.
Kyzylorda region was awarded the Order of Lenin (August 21, 1967).


The region is located east of the Aral Sea in the lower reaches of the Syr Darya River, mainly within the Turan Lowland (height 50-200 m).
The climate is sharply continental and extremely arid with long hot and dry summers and relatively warm, short and not very snowy winters.
The Kyzylorda region includes the northeastern half of the Aral Sea. The only major river is the Syr Darya, flowing through the central part. To protect against floods, dams were built along the river banks; in 1956, the Kzyl-Orda Dam was built on the Syrdarya River;
Many salt lakes often dry by summer; in the lakes Kupek and Teresken - therapeutic mud.
A significant part of the territory is occupied by sand, almost devoid of vegetation.

Administrative division

In the region there are 7 districts, 1 city of regional subordination to Kyzylorda, as well as 1 city of republican subordination to Baikonur.
The city of Baikonur, whose territory is surrounded by the territory of the Karmakshy region, is not part of the Kyzylorda region and is a city of republican subordination. The territory of Baikonur is in a long-term lease from the Russian Federation. On the territory of the city, Russian legislation is in force, the Russian currency is used.