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Kostanay Regional Philharmonic named of E.Umurzakova.

City tour in Kostanay city.

Kostanay State Regional Philharmonic Society was opened in 1944. The legal basis for its creation was the Decree of the Council of People's Commissars of the Kazakh SSR of January 12, 1944 No. 10, Decisions of the Kostanai Regional Council of Workers' Deputies of February 11, 1944 "On the establishment of a permanent branch of the Kazakh State Philharmonic named after Dzhambul in the city of Kostanay."
The opening of the Philharmonic was due to the urgent need to create their own national art groups to serve the indigenous population, to promote concert activities, to turn the city of Kostanay into the center of the musical culture of the region.

Sights of Kostanay city.

Created during the years of World War II, the Philharmonic Hall withstood the test of time, singing milestones in the life of our native land and country, be it the great Victory, Tselin, space exploration or working days with musical and poetic images.
The first concert program was presented to the Kostanai audience on March 19, 1944 in the building of the regional theater. People’s artists of the Kazakh SSR M. Koyshibaev, E. Umurzakov, the founder of Chinese symphonic music - composer Xi-Sin-Hai, composer A. Baykadamov, young artists of the Kostanay region: R. Kasymov, S. Zhakupov, K. Zhumankulova, took part in it. G. Bekmukhamedova, K. Abenov, N. Esmukhambetova, K. Telemisov, Z. Seydalina, K. Koyshibaeva and others.

From year to year, creative and professional, acting skills of performers, soloists and philharmonic groups were polished, remaining faithful to the literary and musical traditions of our great countrymen: Ch. Valikhanova, I. Altynsarin, B. Maylin, O. Shipin, S. Kubeev, S. Kozhamkulov , N. Naushabaev, E. Umurzakova, M. Khakimzhanova.
Over the years, the Kostanai Regional Philharmonic Society has organized and conducted over 200 thousand concerts, has served more than 30 million spectators.