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Poperechnoye village in East Kazakhstan region.

Tour to Poperechnoye village from Ust Kamenogorsk.

Poperechnoye is a village in the East Kazakhstan region of Kazakhstan. It is part of the city administration of Ridder. The KATO code is 632433680.

Information Poperechnoye village.

In 1999, the village population was 406 people (213 men and 193 women). According to the 2009 census, 261 people lived in the village (139 men and 122 women). The house-museum of the writer Yuri Vasilyevich Antropov, laureate of prizes named after N. Ostrovsky (1971), K. Fedina (1978).

Each of us at least once in his life wanted to drop everything and leave for the village. Where in the mornings roosters wail and cows moo, where it smells like meadow flowers, where you can drink fresh milk and eat homemade warm bread. Here you can forget about stress, take a break from the daily bustle and breathe fresh air instead of urban smog.
To realize this dream, it is absolutely not necessary to purchase real estate in the countryside. You can simply arrange for a moderate fee.
The village of Poperechnoye is a wonderful place to visit. This is a village lost in the Siberian taiga, on the edge of the Ore Altai. His story goes back 250 years. There are only two streets in the village - Novaya and Tsentralnaya, running across the river.

How to get Poperechnoye village.

It is very picturesque: the village is surrounded by coniferous forests, birch groves, hills and mountains. Redbook grasses grow in the fields, forests are full of mushrooms and berries, talkative rivers are full of crystal-clear ice water.
If you want to choose a village life for a while, here you will find everything you need. True, there is no mobile communications and the Internet, and good roads do not lead here either. But you will find peace and quiet, a measured rhythm of life and the possibility of merging with nature.
A cozy log cabin with bleached walls, with a large Russian stove and simple utensils, a bathhouse and warmth - will become your home for several days.

Residents of the village, the descendants of the Old Believers, are happy to receive guests. They carefully preserve the traditions of their great-grandfathers and are happy to tell tourists about them.
You will be taught to spin yarn, weave from a rod, sew quilts. You will be able to milk a cow, ride a horse, go with a yoke to the water.
There are several guest houses in Poperechnoye. You can rent a room or an entire house. The hosts prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner using natural farm products. In the evening you will find a hot bath.
You will return to the city refreshed and rosy, having bought home-made cream, cottage cheese and eggs. And what kind of potato in the Cross. Well what can I tell you. Need to try!