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Flora and fauna of the Charyn park

Bird watching tours in the Charyn park

Observation of animals and birds in the Charyn reserve

Many animals live on the territory of the Charyn Park, this place was chosen by such animals as a hare, a wild boar, a fox, a wolf, a mountain goat, a marten, a manul, etc. 36 species of mammals, 200 species of birds live here, 111 species of them are nesting birds, reptiles of 18 species, a lot of these mammals, animals, birds and insects are listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan.

The visiting card of the flora of the Charyn National Park is the Sogdian ash tree, which grows here in the place called the ash grove. The famous saxaul grows here, a dwarf tree with high density wood, which grows only in Kazakhstan.

The Charyn National Park was created to preserve the biodiversity of the region, therefore, when traveling through the reserve, you should observe cleanliness and order, it is necessary to observe animals and birds from a long distance so as not to disturb them once again.

Flora fauna Charyn