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Small Almaty gorge (Maloalmatinskoe) in the mountains of the city of Almaty.

Sights of the Ile-Alatau Natural Reserve.

Walk and excursion to the Maloalmatinskoe gorge.

The Maloye Alatinskoye gorge is so called because of its size, when compared with the Bolshoye Alatinskoye gorge. The gorge is really deep and narrow, and if you have been to the Big Almaty gorge, you will understand what it is about. But the fact that the gorge is called small does not make it unattractive. The Maloalmatinskoe gorge is very picturesque and beautiful, it is especially beautiful here in autumn, the gorge acquires a yellow-red color, everyone from the city comes here to take a photo.

Small almaty gorge - how to get there.

The gorge is located on the territory of the Almaty region in the Ile-Alatau natural park, along Nazarbayev Avenue, the main landmarks here are Medeu and Chimbulak. Both of these places are located in this mountain gorge. Opposite the hotel Kazakhstan there is a stop with which bus number 12 goes to the Maloalmatinskoe gorge and Medeu.

Small Almaty gorge - information for tourists.

Through the gorge, you can only get to the Medeu sports complex. You can climb the high-mountain base Chimbulak by cable car, which starts at Medeu. You can have a great time here, as the gorge itself is located not far from the center of Almaty and the main hotels located in this part. On Chimbulak there are restaurants, bars and a hotel if you suddenly decide to stay here. We also recommend that you climb the Talgra pass on the same cable car. The panorama of the city of Almaty opens from the pass, as well as from the pass you will see the valley of the Talgar River.

Maloalmatinskoe gorge.


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