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Alpine rose, mountain glade

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Alpine rose, this is the name of a glade in the mountain gorge Left Talgar. The glade is popular among fans of outdoor activities; here you can always see people having a rest in tents. During the USSR period, there was an alpine camp in the meadow, which was founded here in 1937. The glade lies surrounded by mountain peaks, a small beautiful river Talgar flows through the glade and a coniferous forest grows.

Alpine rose glade - how to get there -

The glade is located in the Left Talgar gorge in the Small Almaty gorge, in the Ile-Alatau park. You can get to the glade by reaching the Talgar pass by cable car from the Medeo tract and further along a mountain path to the glade itself.

Alpine rose glade - information for tourists -

A route called Gornaya Krugosvetka around Almaty passes through the meadow. The entire route takes 3-4 days, and can start in the Bolshoye Almaty gorge and in the Maloye Almaty gorge. The route is not difficult and is suitable for all age groups. On the way, you cross mountain passes, glaciers, and moraines, it is very beautiful and blessed here. Quite large groups can move along the route, since organizing a hike along the route is not very difficult. To travel along the route, we recommend using the services of a mountain guide and guide. We do not recommend traveling alone in the mountains.

Glade Alpine rose


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