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Krasnaya Polyana (red glade).

Mountain hiking in the mountains of the Northern Tien Shan.

Organization of hiking in the mountains of Almaty.

Krasnaya Polyana is located on the Almaty Around the World route in the left Talgar tract, and an alpine rose meadow is also located on this route. The place is quite popular; here you can always meet lovers of outdoor activities. Small groups of tourists come here to spend time, sit by the fire and play the guitar.

Krasnaya Polyana - how to get there.

The glade is located in the left Talgar tract in the Talgar river valley. You can get here through the Big Almaty Gorge, the Small Almaty Gorge and the Gorelnik tract. The place is located in the forest on the route Almaty Mountain Circle.

Krasnaya Polyana - information for tourists.

Here you can always meet the same people who rest on Krasnaya Polyana almost every week. The air here is filled with birdsongs and smoke from fires; often there is always someone playing the guitar. A small stream with crystal clear water flows through the clearing. There is a large wooden table at which people from all groups present in the clearing gather. The place is very popular, here you can always meet your friends and acquaintances who are engaged in active recreation and often visit here.

Krasnaya Polyana.


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