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Swing in the mountains of Almaty.

Swing on the mountain swing on the way to Furmanov Peak.

Mountain swing, the so-called swing set in the mountains of the city of Almaty, the place is quite popular, people climb the mountains to swing on the swing to take photos against the background of the mountains of the Zailiyskiy Alatau and the city of Almaty.

Swing in the mountains - how to get there.

The swing is installed on a mountain trail that leads to Furmanov peak, an altitude of 2500 meters, the trail passes through the Kimasar mountain gorge, the ascent starts from the Medeo tract in the Small Almaty gorge.

Swing in the Ile-Alatau park - information for tourists.

On the swing you can always meet fans of outdoor activities, the place is located in the popular mountain gorge Maloye Almaty. A mountain trail leads here, the route will take you 1 day. A beautiful panorama of the city of Almaty and the Zailiyskiy Alatau mountains opens from the mountain range. Furmanov peak is located above the place where the swing is installed, and even higher is Panorama peak.

Swing, Furmanovka, Panorama.


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