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Yazevy waterfall.

Travel to the Yazevy waterfall.

Drive from Yazevoy Lake to Rakhmanovskoye Lake.

The Yazevy waterfall is one of the attractions of the Kazakhstan Altai, and one of the control points along the route, a mountain path leads to the waterfall, along which we will travel to the waterfall. The waterfall is very beautiful, it consists of three large cascades, one of the cascades is very large and it is possible to look at it only from the other side of the river.

Yaze waterfall - how to get there.

The waterfall is located on the Yazevaya river, Katon-Karagay region, East Kazakhstan. The height at which the waterfall is located is 1638 meters above sea level. The waterfall is located to the right of the road that leads to Lake Yazevoe, 200 meters away, a path and wooden decks built by the workers of the Katon-Karagai Natural Park have been laid to them. At the beginning of the path there is a billboard that you can use to navigate to approach the waterfall.

Yazevy waterfall - information for tourists.

The observation deck for the waterfall is located on the other side of the river. We recommend traveling around the region only in the presence of a mountain guide who knows the area well. Near the waterfall is the Yazevoe lake, while traveling around the region we will definitely visit both of these places, the lake and the Yazevoe waterfall. An unforgettable impression from the contemplation of the waterfall can be obtained by climbing the rock, which is located on the left side of the observation deck, from here a wonderful panorama of the cascades of the waterfall really opens.

Yazevy waterfall


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