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Attractions of Katon-Karagay Park

Sightseeing tours of Katon-Karagay Park

Tours and trips to Katon-Karagay National Park

Katon-Karagay Nature Reserve, a landmark of the East Kazakhstan region. The entire Katon-Karagay district is located in a mountainous, inaccessible area. There are many mountain rivers flowing here, the area belongs to the Kazakh Altai and is located in one part in Kazakhstan, the other side of this area is located on the territory of the Russian Federation. The whole area is a lot of attractions, which include mountain lakes, mountain peaks, rivers, etc.

The most interesting places of Katon-Karagay Park are Yazevoe Lake, Kokkol mine, Bukhtarma Lake (Bukhtarma Lake), Burkhat Pass, Arasan waterfall, Austrian Road, Arasan River, Berel glacier on Belukha Mountain, Burkhat-Kol Lake, Belukha Mountain (Muztau), Uy-Tas rock stone, Bukhtarma River, Rakhmanovsky Waterfall, Altai Mountain Pass, Karakol Lake (Yazevoe), Belaya Berel River, Rakhmanov Lake, Rakhmanov hot springs, Lake Arasan, Yazevaya River, Yazev Waterfall.

Katon-Karagay Nature Reserve – tourist information –

The Katon-Karagay Nature Reserve is famous for its natural attractions, there is a very beautiful nature both in winter and in summer. In the summer, it is quite convenient to travel through the park, the hot summer weather persists in the region. There are deer breeding farms on the territory of the park. To stay in the park, you need to get a permit, in the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk, we recommend traveling around the park by 4x4 car, mountain roads without asphalt pass through the park. Cleanliness and order must be observed on the territory of the park, it is impossible to hunt or fish here, and the collection of plants listed in the Red Book is also prohibited.

Belukha Peak is famous for its mystery, followers of the teachings of Nicholas Roerich consider the mountain sacred, they believe that energy is concentrated at the top of the mountain, which comes to the top from space and then spreads over the earth. It is possible to make a mountain ascent to Belukha Peak. But for this it is necessary to prepare an expedition in advance.

Katon-Karagay Park is perfect for the development of tourism, sports, adventure, environmental and educational. There is pristine nature, dense forest and beautiful mountain lakes. There are many animals and birds living in the forest.

Rakhmanov hot springs are also located in the park. Here you can bask in the water and restore your health. Being in the source has a beneficial effect on the body.

The Yazevaya river and the Yazeviy waterfall are also a local attraction of the Katon-Karagai Park, the river flows through a picturesque forest and forms a cascading waterfall to which a mountain trail leads.

Lake Yazevoe also adorns the territory of the park. A mountain road leads to the lake, along which you can get to the lake by car or walk.

Katon-Karagay Nature Reserve


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