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Lakes Titov.

Mountain hike to Titova lakes.

Lakes Titova are moraine alpine lakes, there are 4 lakes in total, small lakes are surrounded by mountain peaks. The place is a popular mountain route within the city of Almaty. This mountain trail is not particularly difficult and is suitable for all age groups. There is a group of tourists who go specifically to these lakes in the summer to swim in them. The water in the lake is cold, so we recommend swimming in it only for trained people.

Titov lakes - how to get there.

The lake is located in the upper reaches of the Gorelnik gorge, at an altitude of 3377 meters above sea level. The ascent begins from the Medeo tract, then you need to move to the Gorelnik gorge, Gorelnik waterfalls, the Eagle's Nest place, and then Titova lakes are located.

Lakes Titova - information for tourists.

The lakes, like all mountain lakes, are not large and beautiful; the water in the lake changes its light during the day. We recommend traveling to Titova lakes in the summer, then there is no snow and the route is not very difficult. In winter, you can also walk to the lake, but the route becomes much more difficult, so in winter only physically prepared travelers need to move here. Water enters the lakes from three glaciers that are located a little higher, there are three lakes in total, the third largest is 165 meters long and 100 meters wide, the rest of the lakes are smaller.

Lakes Titov