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Excursion to the Torysh tract and Akespe Canyon

Jeep tour to Torysh Tuzbair tract

Journey to Akespe Canyon

The route according to the program: Aktau city – Akshukyr village – Kashkar-Ata necropolis – Myrzatai Mountains – Akespe ravine – Usak tract – Torysh tract – Aktau city

The Akespe tract is located in the same place where the Akespe Canyon is located, these attractions are part of the Mangyshlak peninsula in its central part. The Akespe tract is composed of Cretaceous rocks and chalk deposits, that is, it is white chalk, the whole tract is very white, which gives it a fantastic appearance. Next to the Akespe tract at a distance of 9 kilometers is the Koshak Bay, which is part of the Caspian Sea. A highway passes through the Akespe tract, which connects the city of Aktau and the Karazhambas, Kalamkas and Northern Buzachi deposits.

The Torysh tract (valley of balls) is also a landmark of the Mangyshlak peninsula, the tract is famous for its round balls (spherical nodules) of unknown origin. The distance from the city of Aktau to the Torysh tract is 150 kilometers. The main landmark here is the village of Tauchik, which is located 18 kilometers from the Torysh tract. Balls are everywhere here, some of them are underground and some are on the surface, how these stone balls were formed is not exactly established, there are a number of hypotheses of their formation. The age of these balls is estimated to be 60 million years. One of the legends says that these stone balls are petrified berries that grew on huge trees that grew here in ancient times.

  • Distance of the route: 235 km
  • Season time: all season
  • Best time: spring, autun
  • Group size: 1-10
  • Days & nights: 1 day

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