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Katon-Karagai village

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The village of Katon-Karagai was the administrative center of the Katon-Karagai district from December 4, 1970 to March 23, 1997. On March 23, 1997, after the merger of the districts of Katon-Karagai and the Upper Districts, and the village of Ulken Naryn, Katon-Karagai was designated the district center. Katon-Karagai is located in the foothills of the Sarymsakty mountain range in the valley of the Sarymsak River. A highway passes through the village that connects the village of Ulken-Naryn with the sanatorium and the Rakhmanov Keys hot springs.

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Katon-Karagai is a village in Katon-Karagai district, East Kazakhstan, Katon-Karagai rural district. The district center is located 77 km east of the village of Ulken, on the slope of the Altai Mountains. Bordering area with Russia.

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The village of Katon-Karagai under Soviet rule was called the village of Alekseevskaya, in 1971 the village was renamed Katon-Karagai. The village has a population of 5,900. The climate here is continental. Average temperature in January -11 — -13 °C, July +22 — +24 °C. the average annual precipitation is 350-400 mm, the main amount falls on March-May and November-December. The wind rose is dominated by northeastern (34%) and northern (16%) winds. A stable snow cover is formed in the last decade of November and ends in the second decade of March.

Katon-Karagai village


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