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Seletinskoe Reservoir

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The Seletinskoe artificial reservoir on the Selety River was created in 1966 with the help of a bulk dam, which was erected 133 kilometers from the mouth of the Selety River. The height of the dam is 30 meters, the length of the reservoir is 40 kilometers. The reservoir is very picturesque, it contains fish, fishing is allowed here, and you can swim in the summer. Next to the main mirror of the reservoir there is the village of Silety, where you can stay; there are several guest houses there.

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The Seletinskoe reservoir is located on the Silety River, 70 kilometers from the city of Stepnogorsk, 200 kilometers from the city of Astana, Akmola region, Republic of Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates: 52°08'54"N 72°42'14"E

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The Seletinskoe Reservoir is a natural landmark of the region; the famous natural Bestobe Canyon[b] and the [b]Silety River are located here. The places are very popular because they are far from civilization; it is better to go here for two days, take a tent with you and spend the night on the river bank or on the bank of the reservoir. The Bestobe Canyon is an incredibly picturesque place, the river in this place flows so slowly that it looks like a mirror, its waters reflect the entire surrounding area, which creates a magical picture. The only bad thing about these places is that when people come here to relax, they don’t pick up their garbage; you can find heaps of garbage, which creates a depressing picture.

Seletinskoe reservoir in Akmola region


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