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Aktogay canyon in Almaty region, Kazakhstan.

Adventure tour to Aktogay canyon from Almaty.

Aktogay canyon and nature of the north-eastern part of Zailiysky Alatau, the basin of the middle and lower reaches of the river. Sharyn is unique. Not only landscapes as a whole are peculiar, their individual components are unique, especially the relief - the basis for the formation of the surrounding landscapes. They have not only scientific, but also aesthetic significance, are natural monuments. On them is a representation of the processes of formation of the external appearance of a given territory, local environmental conditions.

Aktogay canyon - tourist information.

The first scientific information about the structure of the valley of the river. Sharyn are given in the works of P. P. Semenov-Tyan-Shansky: “Three Merke rivers flowing through the plateau at their confluence to Sharyn dug through themselves so deep channels that the valleys of these rivers cut into the main plateau to a depth of 200 m. The united rivers broke through a stone ridge hidden under sediments at the bottom of the Sharyn valley. It forms in a deep gorge, at the confluence of the Merke rivers in Sharyn, beautiful and picturesque rapids and a noisy stream, known as Aktogoy, that is, the White Stream, from the fact that all of Sharyn’s water here turns into silver foam and water dust. ”
Sharyn receives many tributaries from the northern slope of the Terskey and Kungei Alatau ridges and becomes a full-flowing river, cuts the eastern parts of the Zhalanash depression and the Toraigyr mountains with a grand canyon.

Zhalanash valley - Aktogay canyon.

In the Zhalanash Valley, the canyon takes on a trapezoidal shape. At this point, the canyon is called Aktogay (White Stream). The monument is located on the territory of Enbekshikazakhsky district of Almaty region in the east of Almaty. From the city of Almaty to the village of Chilik, the distance along the Kuldzhinsky tract is 120 kilometers. Almost throughout this entire length of the trip, it takes place among alternating villages, one after another, stretching out one continuous street to Chilik.

How to visit Aktogay canyon.

After the village of Chilik, we pass the bridge on the Chilik River and the first short stop in the village of Bayseit, on the main street of which there is a large vegetable market. The further path lies through the small Sogety ridge, along the narrow Kokpek gorge, which is 11 kilometers long. The Soghety Range separates the Ili Valley from the large latitudinal ridge Zailiysky Alatau. Gradually, the Kokpek gorge expands and passes into the Sugatinskaya valley, which is fenced from the north by the Sogety ridge, from the south by the Toruaygyr ridge. The Sugatinskaya valley stretches from west to east and the extreme northern border of the valley is the Ili River, the southern - the Sharyn River.