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Ostrovsky tulip in Almaty and Jambyl regions, Kazakhstan.

Tulip tour for Ostrovsky Tulip.

The Ostrovsky tulip was first described in 1883 by the well-known botanist Regel. Fetisov's friend Regel first explored the Ostrovsky Tulip in the area of the city of Verny, (Almaty) in 1879.

Tulip Ostrovsky description.

Ostrovsky tulip is bright red and black or yellow inside the flower. The height of the flower reaches 40 cm, Ostrovsky Tulip is elongated and very elegant. Propagation of the tulip is seed, very rarely vegetative.

Tulip Ostrovsky flowering time and place of growth.

The tulip blooms from late April to early May. Ostrovsky Tulip grows in Zailiysky Alatau, Almaty and Zhambyl regions. Ostrovsky tulip is grown in many countries, and is grown in many cities of the CIS countries, Europe and the USA, as well as in Canada.

Tulip Ostrovsky guard.

Ostrovsky's tulip is listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan, grows on the protected territory of the Almaty Nature Reserve.