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Yurt mount in Boszhira valley tract, Mangyshlak, Kazakhstan.

Classic tour in Mangyshlak, Yurt mountain in the Boszhira tract.

In the Boszhira tract on the Mangyshlak peninsula, you can find many bizarre natural formations. One of such formations is Yurt Mount.

Yurt mount - how to get there.

Local tourists who visited Mangyshlak named this mountain so. Yurt Mountain is a local landmark that can be seen from almost all panoramas of Boszhira. Boszhira panoramas are such points in a given area from where the most beautiful and interesting views of the Boszhira valley open. The mountain yurt was depicted on a 1000 tenge denomination of the local currency tenge.

Yurt mount - tourist information.

Yurt Gora is an unusual natural formation of a rounded shape, consisting of local soft rock. Climbing the mountain is not possible because there are no convenient approaches to it, but you can admire the mountain from the side or approach its foot.

Yurt mount.


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