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Akkergeshen plateau in Atyrau region, Kazakhstan.

Jeep tour to the Akkergeshen plateau.

The Akkergeshen chalk plateau has a fantastic and mesmerizing landscape. The Akkergeshen plateau is located 55 kilometers from the city of Kulsary, in the Atyrau region, on the territory of Kazakhstan. The size of the Akkergeshen plateau is 12 kilometers, the plateau stretches from the south-east to the north-west. Not far away is Mount Imankara, also 20 kilometers away is the Sarkumak tract.

Akkergeshen plateau-how to get there.

From the village of Kulsary it is necessary to move 55 kilometers north-east. Beineu-Dosor highway. Our company organizes a full range of services for visiting the Akkergeshen plateau.

Akkergeshen plateau-tourist information.

The Akkergeshen plateau is made up of ancient marine animals. Here you can find the teeth of ancient sharks, as well as here there are ancient crustacean deposits and their forms, which can also be found here in large numbers. Lovers of geology will find it very interesting to be here, because under your feet you will find many interesting things and see the ancient world of our planet. The Akkergeshen plateau has many points from which it is possible to observe all kinds of beautiful panoramas. It is very quiet here and there are almost no people. Here you will plunge into the exoticism of this region and live unforgettable moments of your life. The Akkergeshen plateau was formed during the Jurassic period, when dinosaurs lived here.


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