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Boritastagan granite cliff in East Kazakhstan region.

Excursion to Boritastagan granite cliff.

Boritastagan is the so-called granite cliff located in the steppe. A lonely mountain, a granite ledge is located on a flat surface and it is very unusual for its location and appearance.

Boritastagan cliff-how to get there.

Boritastagan is located in East Kazakhstan, Kokpekty district. The Zhabagayly mountains are 30 kilometers from the Boristagan mountain. There is also a small river Bugaz. From Ayagoz village to Boristagan 193 kilometers. From the village of Kokpekty to Boritastagan 123 kilometers. Coordinates of the granite cliff Boritastagan N48 ° 04'02.26 ", E82 ° 27'34.56"

Boritastagan mountain-information for tourists.

The mountain is 230 meters long, 70 meters wide at its widest point, and 560 meters above sea level. In the western part of the mountain, there is a cave with rock paintings. You can climb the cave by the stairs made by the locals. Not far from the Boristagan mountain, at a distance of about 8 kilometers, the Bugaz river flows next to which you can stay for the night. It is very picturesque and beautiful here.

Boritastagan mountain.