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Third Ship at the Aral Sea in Kazakhstan.

Trip to the third Ship on the Aral Sea.

Due to the lowering of the Aral Sea level, many ships remained lying on the bottom of the Aral Sea, and the Third Ship is no exception. There were times when a ship went fishing and two days later could no longer come to the place from where it began its voyage. The water was leaving rapidly.

Third Ship on the Aral Sea - how to get there.

The ship is located on the Aral Sea, in the Kyzylorda region, 130 kilometers from the city of Aralsk to the Third Ship. The Second Ship is also nearby, all 120 meters are very close to it.

Third Ship-tourist information.

The scrap heap is all that remains of the Third Ship. It was supposed to be a tug. Part of the ship is on the shore and part at sea. The ship is located in Butakov Bay, and the deepest place in the Aral Sea is also in Butakov Bay. The depth here is 45 meters.

GPS coordinates of the Third Ship at the Aral Sea: N46 ° 45'19.82 "E60 ° 42'26.41"

Third Ship on the Aral Sea.