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Bukhtarma river in East Kazakhstan region.

Rafting and Kayaking Bukhtarma river.

Bukhtarma is a river in the East Kazakhstan region, the right tributary of the Irtysh (flows into the Bukhtarma reservoir).
The length of the river is 336 km, the basin area is 12,660 km² (according to other sources, the river is 405 km, the basin area is 15,500 km²). The source in the glaciers of the South Altai ridge. The border with the Altai Republic as part of Russia passes through the watershed. In the upper reaches of Bukhtarma there is a mountain river flowing in a narrow valley, and in the lower reaches the flow is more calm. The food is mixed. High water - in spring and summer. It freezes from the second half of November to April. The ice thickness reaches 50–80 cm. The water is soft, fresh (100–250 mg / l). Used for rafting [1]. Average water consumption - 214 m³ / s.
The city of Zyryanovsk is located in the Bukhtarma basin.

Research Bukhtarma river.

For the first time, the river valley was studied by a commission led by P. Babkov in 1869.

In folk representations Bukhtarma river.

The river valleys are a prototype of the legendary Belovodye, a country with dairy rivers (the real color of the water in the river) and jelly banks. Here, from the beginning of the 18th century, an ethnographic group of Russians was formed - masons, that is, Old Believers who went east after the liturgical reform (Bukhtarmins).

Border Zone Bukhtarma river.

Currently, crossings from the Russian Federation to the Republic of Kazakhstan and vice versa are prohibited, since there are no officially organized border points - the nearest one where the border can be crossed is located in the area of the city of Shemonaikha. The border crossing near the city of Ridder (Leninogorsk) was planned to open in the early 2000s, but was never opened. Any border crossing is suppressed by the forces of the border troops of both sides. To visit the upper reaches of Bukhtarma and Berel (also Black and White Berel), it is necessary to apply for permission to visit the border zone in Ust-Kamenogorsk with the obligatory application of the route sheet. Access to the territory of the national park located in the upper reaches of Bukhtarma is made out on the spot or in Katon-Karagai.

Flora and fauna Bukhtarma river.

Grayling and taimen are found in clear water.

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