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Is it safe to visit Kazakhstan?

Company WildTicket Asia bears full responsibility customers, both individuals, groups, we not let you offend, deceive anyone vastness our beautiful Kazakhstan, we always be there, help with any situation.

No dangers in Kazakhstan, posing threat for tourists in country. No strong disasters, no military, no terrorist threats. Crime rate quite low for Central Asia.

Main crimes against tourist’s theft, fraud.

Police are quite polite, attentive, they know Russian language, don’t know English. Local police officers will help you if you dont know forexample the way or the place which you want to visit.

Fraud also common crime against tourists, usually attempts deceive traveler’s money exchange. Scammers try steal bank cards deceptive way find out passwords them. Don’t transfer your credit cards any strangers and report them passwords. If card disappears, need immediately notify your bank, block operation.

Also, under guise employees state structures, scammers required pay them for alleged "violations" committed by tourist. It is necessary only to produce documents, but also reach the nearest police station.

Natural hazards:
No so many natural hazards, periodically earthquakes south country, Alma-Ata region mudflows from nearest mountains.

Dangerous plants grow here, but quite difficult to meet them in journey. Exception is Issyk-Kul root (or Aconite) - a poisonous plant, often illegally sold as a national medicine. Aconite is dangerous that even with external application it can death.

Most dangerous poisonous insects Spider-Black Widow (Karakurt). Despite small spedier size, poison stronger than poison of the rattlesnake 15 times. Bite does not hurt, red spots appear on bite spot, which quickly disappear. Pain bite cannot be noticed, after a while, after bite, spasms, gasps, sharp pains begin.

Addition to Black Widow (Karakurt), scorpions and tarantulas live. Any insect bite, especially in the summer, need see doctor.

Venomous snakes - mostly it's Viper, Gyurza, Shitomornik. When walking nature, look carefully at your feet when see snake, slowly step back. If bite, immediately consult doctor, telling how reptile looked, other details what happened.

Vaccinations before going not necessarily, tourists especially those who go distant corners of the country, are vaccinated against hepatitis A and B, diphtheria and typhoid.

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