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Irtysh river in Kazakhstan republic.

Rafting and travel Irtysh river.

The Irtysh river is the left tributary of the Ob, 4248 km long in China, Kazakhstan and Russia (Asia). Irtysh is the longest tributary on earth.

Irtysh River information.

The river originates in China in the Mongolian Altai in the form of the Black Irtysh (the name bears it right up to the confluence with the Sayssansee), reaches Kazakhstan and flows northwest to the western Altai, through which it then flows. Not only in this, the Irtysh flows through the Sayssansee, which is flooded by the Bukhtarma reservoir. Flowing through a dam, which is located near Oskemen, it enters the vast steppes of Kazakhstan in Semey. In Semey, the latest Irtysh reaches the West Siberian lowland east of the Urals. Further, the Irtysh carries its waters to Russia southeast of Omsk, then passes the city of Tobolsk and, finally, flows into the Ob in Khanty-Mansiysk.

The length of the Irtysh River and the catchment area.

The Irtysh (4248 km) together with the lower course of the Ob (1162 km) forms one of the longest rivers in the world, the Irtysh-Ob, with a total length of 5410 km. Its catchment area is 1,673,470 km², which is approximately 4.6 times the size of Germany. Despite the much larger catchment area, less than half of the water is consumed on the Irtysh River with a mark of about 2960 m³ / s compared to the Ob at the confluence (about 7200 m³ / s).

Dams on the Irtysh River.

• Bukhtarma dam.
• Oskemen dam.
• Shulby Dam.

Tributaries of the Irtysh River.

Its most important tributaries are Bukhtarma, Om and Demyanka, Ishim, Tobol and Konda.
Canals on the Irtysh River
Irtysh-Karaganda Canal

Interesting facts about the Irtysh River.

• Irtysh freezes in winter from early November to late April.
• Ermak Timofeevich, the conqueror of Siberia, drowned in the Irtysh on September 15, 1585.
• Irtysh is considered the longest tributary on earth, and also has the largest catchment area of all tributaries.
• Semey Bridge, which spans the river in Semey, is the longest suspension bridge in Central Asia.

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