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Regel Tulip in Jambyl region, Kazakhstan.

Video and photo tour Regel's Tulip in Kazakhstan.

Regel's tulip was first described by A.N. Krasnov in 1863. Krasnov was at that time a Russian botanist. And when he traveled to Kazakhstan, and more specifically in Chu Ili mountains, where he found this tulip. Regel's Tulip was named after Edward Regel. Eduard Regel at that time was the director of the St. Petersburg Botanical Garden.

Tulip Regel Description.

In my opinion, it is the most beautiful and original tulip of Kazakhstan. Regel's tulip is not high, only 3 centimeters or 5 in height. The flower is white with a yellow tint.

When and where Regel's Tulip blooms.

Regel tulip blooms from late March to mid April. The flower is found in the Zhambyl region, Almaty region, Chu Ili mountains. Endemic, found only in Kazakhstan.

Regel Tulip Guard.

It is listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan.