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Kurtogay tract, canyon on the Charyn river, Almaty region, Kazakhstan.

Trip to Kurtogay canyon on the Charyn river.

Travel from Almaty to Charyn canyon and to Kolsai lake.

Kurtogay canyon is the name of the tract and canyon on the Charyn river. Here you can see an excellent panorama of the area, travel and spend time. Also, on the way, you can visit the Charyn canyon itself, and if you make a big program, you can first visit the Kolsai lake and then come and see the Charyn and Kurtogay canyons.

Kurtogay canyon, tract - how to get there.

The tract is located in the Almaty region on the territory of Kazakhstan. The main landmarks are the villages of Kegen, Saty and Zhalanash. The bridge on the Charyn river, we do not reach it literally 700 meters and turn onto a dirt road towards the river. After 500 meters, we will get to the site from which a magnificent panoramic view of the surroundings opens.

Kurtogay canyon, tract - information for tourists.

The view from the panoramic point is captivating, the river is located below, its blue color bewitches. Here you can enjoy the wonderful nature of the area, if you travel here in late spring and early summer, you will find here an abundance of greenery and unique colors. From the panoramic platform, you can go down to the river and have lunch in the shade of the trees. You can also swim here, but safety precautions must be followed and, of course, you must be able to swim.

GPS coordinates of the Kurtogay tract: N43 ° 16'25.68 "E78 ° 58'32.55"

Kurtogay tract, a canyon on the Charyn river.


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