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Konyr Aulie cave, place of spiritual purification and transformation, East Kazakhstan.

Sacred places of East Kazakhstan - Konyr Aulie.

Spiritual journey to the Konyr Aulie cave.

Konyr Aulie is a cave of spiritual cleansing, revival and healing. The cave is surrounded by myths and legends, one of the legends says that the cave was found by the prophet Konyr. According to legend, when the great flood happened, not everyone managed to get on the ark and someone stayed outside, one of the three people who did not have time to get on the ark was the prophet Konyr. He managed to catch hold of one of the trees tied to the ark and during the flood he spent on this tree.

Konyr Aulie - how to get there.

The cave is located in the Abay region, East Kazakhstan region, located in Mount Aktas, Shangatuy ridge. The distance from Semey to the cave is 200 kilometers.

Konyr Aulie lake phenomenon at the bottom of the cave.

At the end of the cave, there is a fresh lake with crystal clear turquoise water. The water in the cave is healing. Locals say that if, having plunged into the lake, make a wish it will come true. The cave is located on an ancient site of power. The phenomenon and energies of the cave have not yet been studied. Local elders say that water has the ability to heal open cut wounds. Water stops the blood and heals the wound.

The most famous fact about the cave that the locals know is that the cave and the water in it and the general energy of the place heals women from infertility. This fact has been established many times, many women who have visited the cave could then become pregnant.

Konyr Aulie is a place of pilgrimage.

Pilgrims from all over the world come to the cave, they come here to guess the tribute to our father, the creator, to pay tribute to the mother earth, talk to the spirits and hear their advice. Shirakshi, the caretaker of this cave, lives near the cave. He greets the guests, reads a prayer and takes the pilgrims to the underground lake.

Konyr Aulie - pilgrimage tourism.

Not so long ago, a small hotel was built near the cave where you can stay for the night,
There are also small guest houses for spending time and convenience.

Konyr Aulie.


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