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Talgar (river), Almaty nature reserve.

Rafting on boats on the Talgar river.

The Talgar River is a river in the Ili basin. The length is 117 km. The catchment area is 444 km2. The river originates from the Talgar glacier and flows into the Kapchagai reservoir. The confluence of the Left Talgar River and the Right Talgar River is called Talgar, that is, the main Talgar River consists of two small tributaries, which are located in the foothill part of the region.

Talgar river - how to get there.

The river is located in the Talgar gorge near the city of Talgar in the Almaty region. The distance from the city of Almaty to the Talgar River is 20 kilometers.

Hiking to Solnechnaya Polyana in the left Talgar gorge.

The Left Talgar River is a left tributary of the main Talgar River. At the confluence of the right and left Talgar, you can start rafting down the river, there is also a Solnechnaya Polyana, a local attraction that can be visited by walking.

Hiking along the Talgar river along the Talgar gorge.

The Right Talgar River is a right tributary of the main Talgar River, the river is very beautiful and picturesque, the river flows through the Talgar Gorge and originates in its upper reaches, more precisely on the Shokalsky Glacier. The river flows through a beautiful narrow gorge and valley, which you can also travel on foot or on horseback.

Horseback riding along the Talgar River and Talgar Gorge.

It is impossible to see the entire complex of sights of the Talgar Gorge in one day, so we recommend that you increase the period of stay in this region, horse rides, river rafting, hiking are possible here, it is also possible to fly around the reserve by helicopter and land on one of the glaciers.

Talgar river.


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