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Dzhusaly-Kezen, mountain pass.

Ascent to the upper reaches of the Big Almaty Gorge.

Routes in the Ile-Alatau nature reserve.

The Dzhusaly-Kezen mountain pass is located in the upper reaches of the Big Almaty gorge at an altitude of 3337 meters above sea level, the pass is part of the Zailiysky Alatau mountains (Northern Tien Shan), next to the pass are the Big Almaty peak and the Tourist peak. There are climbing routes on both peaks.

Dzhusaly-Kezen - how to get there.

The pass is located in the mountains of the city of Almaty, an asphalt mountain road with steep serpentines and ascents leads to the pass. The ascent to the pass begins along Navoi street, there is also a bus stop from which the bus goes to the final stop at the turn in the Alma-Arasan gorge, then you need to move on foot or by private car.

Dzhusaly-Kezen GPS coordinates N 43 ° 2'29.26 "E 76 ° 56'40.19"

Dzhusaly-Kezen pass - information for tourists.

In the pass there is a space station of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which you can visit. There is a border checkpoint on the way to the pass, so when traveling in the park, you must have documents proving your identity with you. We recommend traveling to the pass by car and then on the pass there are three routes where you can go for a walk, to Tourist Peak (3965 m.), Bolshoi Almaty Peak (3864 m.), Or walk to the alpine Primul Lake. There is also a mountain trek from the Big Almaty gorge to the Prokhodnaya river gorge. We recommend walking in the park only in the presence of a guide or a representative of our company who knows the area.



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