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Peak and lake Manshuk Mametova.

Walk to Lake No. 6 named after Manshuk Mametova.

Mountain routes in the mountains of Zailiyskiy-Alatau.

Lake Manshuk Mametova is also known as alpine lake No. 6 located at an altitude of 3550 meters above sea level. Near the lake there is a mountain peak and a glacier, which has the same name, a glacier and a peak named after Manshuk Mametova. The height of the peak is 4194 meters above sea level.

Lake Manshuk Mametova - how to get there.

The lake is located in the upper reaches of the Maloalmatinsky gorge in the Almaty mountains, above the Medeo tract. A mountain path leads to the lake, along which you can climb to the lake and then to the pass and peak Manshuk Mametova.

Lake, mountain peak, Manshuk Mametova pass - information for tourists.

The lake, peak and pass were named after Manshuk Mametova, woman of wars, hero of World War II, sniper. The glacier feeds the lake, and a small underground river flows from the lake. Around the lake there are peaks: Amangeldy Peak (4000 m), Pioner Peak (4017 m), Uchitel Peak (4027 m), 28 Heroes Panfilov Peak, M. Mametova Peak (4191 m) and Antikainen Peak (4000 m)

The route to the lake begins in the Tuyuksu mountain tract at an altitude of 2500 meters, you can reach Tuyuksu by car, or by cable car to the Chimbulak base and then walk up the gorge. Follow the signs and, of course, when traveling in the mountains, use the services of mountain guides, guides. Do not walk alone, and do not walk if you do not know the route, also inform your relatives about your plans for hiking in the mountains, this must be done for safety and timely response in case of an emergency. Holidays in the mountains are considered extreme because you are in an extreme mountain environment, the weather can change quickly here.

Peak and lake Manshuk Mametova.


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