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Furmanovka mountain peak.

Mountain hike to Furmanovka.

The popular Furmanovka mountain has a height of 2850 meters above sea level. A high-altitude hiking route leads to the mountain, a place often visited, here you can always meet lovers of active recreation. The mountain is part of the Kimasar mountain gorge and traveling to the mountain we will visit it along the way. The mountain was named after the commissioner, D.I. Furmanov who served in the city of Verny (Almaty) in 1920.

Furmanovka - how to get there.

The mountain is located in the tract in Kimasar at an altitude of 2850 meters above sea level, Small Almaty gorge, Ile-Alatau mountain reserve, Almaty region, Kazakhstan. The ascent begins in the Medeo tract.

Furmanovka - information for tourists.

On the way to the mountain, we will visit the famous mountain swing, which will be on our way, here you can take great photos against the background of the mountains and swing on the swing. There is also the Panorama peak nearby, if you are not very tired you can walk to it too. From the top of Panorama you will see a grandiose panorama of the entire Almaty region and the city of Almaty. The journey to Furmanovka will take you 1 day. The journey passes through the mountains of the Zailiyskiy Alatau, surrounded by the most beautiful mountains and nature of the Almaty reserve.

Furmanovka mountain.


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