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Berel glacier on Mount Belukha.

HIking to the Big Berelsky glacier.

Eco tours in Katon-Karagay.

The Bolshoy Berelskiy glacier is 10 kilometers long and is part of the Katunskiy mountain range, a unique place with unique nature. The entire area is located in the specially protected area of the Katon-Karagay park.

Big Berelsky glacier - how to get there.

The glacier is located on Mount Belukha from its southeastern part in the Katon-Karagai park, mountains of the Kazakhstan Altai. The height at which the glacier is located is 2000 meters.

Glacier Big Berelsky - information for tourists.

There is a mountain trail to the glacier, which is known by local guides and guides, it is possible to organize a trip while in the reserve. This journey can be transformed into an equestrian tour, horses will accompany us to certain heights, then you need to move on foot.

Berel glacier


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