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Shukur (Chukur), mountain glade, Alpine rose, Big Almaty gorge.

Mountain hikes in the mountains of Zailiyskiy Alatau.

Trekking and hiking (mountain trips) in the mountains of Almaty, BAO.

Mountain glade Shukur (Chukur) or Alpine rose is a natural landmark of the Big Almaty mountain gorge, which is located in the mountains of Almaty up Navoi Street. The glade is a round place, the length of the glade is 1 kilometer, the width is 600 meters, a mountain stream flows through the clearing with the purest water, from which you can drink water. There is no forest in the clearing, the forest begins in the far part of the clearing.

Shukur (Chukur), mountain glade, Alpine rose - how to get there.

Glade Shukur is located in the Big Almaty Gorge up Navoi Street, Ile Alatau Natural Park. The glade is located above the Alpine Rose mountain hotel, the distance from the hotel to the glade is 1 kilometer.

Shukur (Chukur), mountain glade - information for tourists.

Chukur is a small mountain glade, you can walk to the glade from the mountain hotel Alpine Rose. At the hotel, you can leave your car in the parking lot and take a walk to the meadow. You can also spend time and night in the clearing if you have all the necessary equipment. In the forest, which is located in the upper part of the meadow, you can find many places for parking and making a fire. In 1937, during the Soviet era, a tent camp was set up here, in which a school of mountaineering instructors worked.

Shukur (Chukur), mountain glade, Alpine rose.


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