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Stone Yurt

Unknown sights of Zhambyl region

Travel from Almaty to Taraz

The Yurt stone is a little-known landmark of the Zhambyl region. The stone is located in a hilly, beautiful area and immediately catches the eye from afar. The valley where the Yurt stone is located belongs to the Ulken Aktau Mountains and the Karatau Mountains. The stone stands in the water, as a small stream flows nearby and flows around the stone. The stone is located next to the road, it can be seen from the road and you can walk to the stone.

This Yurt stone stands out for its white color. It seems that the stone is painted with paint, but it is not paint, why the stone has such a color is also unknown, since studies of this object have not been conducted. There are other granite formations nearby, but they are flatter and not as prominent as the Yurt stone.

Stone Yurthow to get there

The Yurt Stone is located in the Zhabyl region in Kazakhstan, near the city of Taraz in a hilly area. The stone must be from the road.

Stone Yurt in Zhambyl region


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