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Khantau Mountains and petroglyphs in the Khantau Mountains

Traveling in the mountains of Central Asia

Excursions to the mountains of Zhambyl region

The Khantau Mountains are a natural attraction of the Zhambyl region, the highest point in the Khantau mountains is Mount Sunkar, its height is 1040 meters above sea level. The mountains are not high, but they are considered high for this flat area. The mountains are a hilly area that turns into mountains. The length of the mountains is 43 kilometers.

Khantau Mountainshow to get there

The Khantau Mountains are located in the Zhambyl region in Kazakhstan, Moinkum district. GPS coordinates of Mount Khantau: 44°9'40"N 74°1'44"E

Petroglyphs and history in the Khantau Mountains

There are ancient Bronze Age rock carvings in the Khantau Mountains. To find them, you need to use the services of a local guide who will guide you to the petroglyphs. There are about 1000 petroglyphs in total. Compositions with images of horses, bulls, camels, as well as chariots belong to the Bronze Age; a two-wheeled cart is shown schematically, without sled animals.

Khantau Mountainstourist information

We recommend visiting the Khantau mountains in spring and early summer, at this time the region is especially beautiful and filled with blooming nature. The Khantau Mountains are surrounded by the Moinkum Desert and the Betpak-Dala Desert and the Taukum Desert. In ancient times, the Khantau Mountains served as a meeting place for trade caravans, caravans crossed the deserts described above and met here to sell goods and conclude new deals. The remains of ancient settlements are located in the mountains, as well as ancient burial mounds are located here. There are about 150 burial structures represented by stone boxes in rectangular or rounded fences; remains of dishes and bronze jewelry (bracelets, pendants, beads) were found in the excavated graves. Ancient structures found in the Khantau mountains date back to the XIII century BC.

Khantau Mountains


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