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Chuy Valley

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Rafting on the Chu River to the Chuy Valley

The Chui Valley is located on the territory of two states, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. The valley is located in the middle reaches of the Chu River and is located on both sides of the river. This zone includes the Kyrgyz Ridge, to which the Susamyr Valley adjoins, framing the southern part of the valley, as well as the right tributary of the Shu River — the valley of the Chon-Kemin River. The Shu River forms a natural boundary in the north of the Shu Valley zone. At the same time, it is the border between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. The landscapes of the Shu Valley are rich and diverse.

Chuy Valleyhow to get there

The Chuy Valley or Shu is located on the territory of two states, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, on the territory of Kazakhstan, the valley adjoins the Zhambyl region near the city of Taraz. GPS coordinates Chui Valley: 42.8333°N 75.2833°E

Chuy Valleyinformation

Winter wheat is grown in the Chui Valley. It accounts for about half of all grain crops grown in the Chui Valley. An important place is given to the sowing of fodder barley and corn. Vegetable growing is grown around such industrial centers as Bishkek, Tokmak, Karabalta. The Shu Valley provides more than 60% of all vegetables produced in the republic. Horticulture and viticulture are also located on the territory of irrigated agriculture. There are especially many orchards and vineyards around Bishkek. Many apples, pears, cherries, alders, plums, apricots, peaches are planted from fruit-bearing trees. Wine grape varieties predominate. About half of the fruit crops and vineyards in the republic are grown in the Chui Valley. The Chui Valley zone is the most important industrial and agricultural region of the republic. The Shu Valley is a large area of irrigated agriculture. The total area of irrigated land is 315 thousand hectares (about 1/3 of the total area in the republic). These are mainly fields where sugar beets, essential oil grains, melons and fodder crops, vegetables are grown. A significant part of grain crops are sown on non-irrigated areas.

Chuy Valley


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