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Chu-Ili Mountains range

Jeep tour from Taraz to Chu-Ili Mountains

Mountains of Zhambyl region

The Chu-Ili Mountains are a spur of the Trans–Ili Alatau mountain range in the Kazakh steppe, it is a high-altitude region that is being destroyed and destroyed under the influence of nature, water, wind, etc., turning into low mountains and individual hills. The Kordai mountain pass, through which the Almaty – Bishkek highway passes, belongs to these mountains. The Chu-Ili Mountains consist of the mountainous regions of Dulankara, Kulzhabas, Kindiktas, Khantau, Alaigyr, Aktau. The mountains have been inhabited by ancient tribes since ancient times, ancient human sites have been found here, which belong to the Stone and Bronze Ages, so ancient rock carvings and petroglyphs have been found in the mountains.

Chu-Ili Mountainshow to get there

The Chu-Ili Mountains are located in the Zhambyl region and part of the Almaty region, Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates of the Chu-Ili Mountains: 43°59'N 75°10'E

Chu-Ili Mountainstourist information

The length of the Chu-Ili Mountains is 220 kilometers, the highest point in the mountains is 12940 meters above sea level. These mountains are considered very ancient and old, scientists have established the fact of the destruction of these mountains for a long time, mainly due to wind erosion, in the Chu-Ili mountains very often a strong wind blows and it rains, the weather here can change very quickly. The most beautiful time of the year in the mountains is spring, at this time tulips bloom in the mountains, the mountains are literally strewn with tulips and other flowers, at this time it is fabulously beautiful here.

Chu-Ili Mountains


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