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Karatau Mountains in the South of Kazakhstan

Natural attractions of Southern Kazakhstan

Jeep tour to Karatau mountains in Zhambyl region

In the Karatau mountains, the highest peak is Mount Bessaz with a height of 2175 meters above sea level. The length of the mountains is 500 km, the width is 80 km, the mountains occupy the entire Zhambyl region and are a local natural attraction. In 2004, the Karatau State Reserve was organized and opened on the territory of the Karatau Mountains. The reserve was opened to preserve the local flora and fauna, as well as to preserve the ancient heritage of our ancestors. On the territory of the reserve, researchers have discovered ancient human sites that date back to the Stone Age period.

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The Karatau Mountains are located in the Zhambyl region and part of the Turkestan region in the south of Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates of Mount Karatau: 42°53'20"N 69°58'50"E

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In medieval times, the Karatau mountains were called Argyntau. In the southwest of the Karatau mountains are the Syr Darya River, in the northeast, the Talas River, traveling through this region, we will see both of these rivers. The Karatau Mountains are formed by carboniferous limestones, sandstones, conglomerates and volcanic rocks of the Devonian. The largest polymetallic and phosphorite ores in the country are concentrated in the depths of Karatau. It is best to travel to the Karatau mountains from the city of Taraz, the city is located in the Zhambyl region, which is easily accessible from the city of Almaty. We recommend traveling to this region by car to see all the sights on the way from Almaty. You can also arrange an air flight from Almaty to Taraz and then visit the Karatau mountains by car.

Karatau Mountains


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