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Anrahai Mountains

Travel from Almaty to Anrakhai Mountains

The best sights of Zhambyl region

Anrakhai mountains are a natural attraction of Zhambyl region, the mountains are not high, the height of the mountains does not exceed thousands of meters above sea level, the mountains are hills that turn into low, but very beautiful mountains. Now these mountains are called the Chu-Ili Mountains. Anrakhai is also the name of the railway station, which is also located in the Zhambyl region near the mountains.

Anrahai Mountainshow to get there

The Anrakhai Mountains are located in the Zhambyl region near the city of Taraz. The area of Kordai and Anrakhai railway stations. GPS coordinates of Anerakhai Mountain: 43° 55' 39.72"N 75° 30' 39.31E"

Anrakhai Mountainstourist information

Scientists have found ancient rock carvings of the Bronze and Stone Ages in the Anrahai Mountains, so this region attracts not only natural attractions, but also historical attractions, monuments of ancient culture, remnants of ancient settlements, etc. The best time to visit the Anrahai mountains is the end of spring and the beginning of summer at this time it is beautiful here, nature is in in full bloom, many flowers bloom on the slopes of the mountains. There is no tourist infrastructure in the Anrakhai mountains, it is possible to move in the mountainous terrain only by a 4x4 high-terrain vehicle consisting of at least two cars for mutual assistance, you must have all the necessary equipment to install a base camp and a field kitchen.

Anrahai Mountains


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