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Kopalysay Mountain Gorge

Mysterious places of Zhambyl region

Rock carvings and remains of ancient settlements in the Kopalysay Gorge

Kopalysay Gorge is a little-known natural landmark of Zhambyl region. The remains of ancient settlements and rock carvings were found here. As far as we know, studies of these images have not been conducted, so there is no information to which period they belong. There is a mountain road leading into the gorge, for 4x4 cars, it is not recommended to climb into the gorge by passenger cars. You will not meet people in the Kopalysai Gorge, the places here are absolutely wild, there is no tourist infrastructure here.

Kopalysay gorgehow to get there

Kopalysay Gorge is located in Zhambyl region in Kazakhstan, Chu-Ili Mountains, Anrakhai Mountains.

Kopalysai tractinformation for tourists

The mountains in the Kopalysay gorge are not high, the height of the mountains does not exceed 1500 meters above sea level here. In the gorge there is a mountain stream or a small river, which is also called Kopalysay. You can spend the night in the gorge, there are many parking places here, especially beautiful in the gorge in early summer. The rock that makes up the mountains in the Kopalysay gorge is granite, basalt, the strongest rocks. Granite rocks here acquire bizarre formations, rock carvings can be found on the rocks. In the gorge you can meet nomads who graze their cattle here, you can go to them to talk and drink tea, listen to local stories and legends.

Kopalysay gorge, Zhambyl region


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