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Kok-Kol Lake

Mysterious and magical places of Kazakhstan

Mystical places of Zhambyl region

Kok-Kol Lake is a natural attraction of Zhambyl region, the lake is famous for its mystical and healing properties. Locals say that a lake spirit lives in the lake, which comes into contact with people who visit the lake and relieves people of various ailments. If you present gifts to the spirit, such as apples or pears and light incense, the spirit of the Kok-Kol Lake becomes benevolent. It is also known that some magical creature, or an ancient dinosaur or dragon, lives in the lake. Locals say that at night they heard the splashing of water and strange sounds that are not peculiar to this mountainous area. They say that the local spirit that lives in the lake is called "Aidakhar".

Kok-Kol lakehow to get there

Kok-Kol lake is located in the Zhambyl region in the mountains of the Kyrgyz Alatau in the Auliekol mountain tract, the Karakystak mountain valley, the Aktash pass area. The distance from the village of Merke to the Kok-Kol Lake is 32 km. GPS coordinates of Lake Kok-Kol: N42°34'48.76" E73°07'06.13"

Kok-Kol laketourist information

Kok-Kol lake is located at an altitude of 2430 meters above sea level, high in the mountains, a mountainous impassable road for 4x4 cars leads to the lake. We recommend traveling to the lake with at least two cars for safety, if suddenly one car breaks down or gets stuck. The lake is not large, its length is 250 meters, width 180 meters, the lake is almost round. Near lakes, or you can arrange parking and set up a base camp, there is no tourist infrastructure here, the places are absolutely wild. On the way to the lake, you can meet nomads who graze their herds here, the places here are very beautiful, the nature of the region is pristine and little visited.

Kok-Kol lake, in the mountains of Zhambyl region


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